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The high "e" string.

The strings on the guitar are numbered 1 through 6, where the thinnest string is number 1 and the thickest string is number 6.

String Numbers On The Guitar

We should also point out that each string produces a specific pitch. If we gently strike or "pick" the first string on a Standard Tuned guitar with our finger, the string should ring-out an E4 note. This note is the same as the first E above "Middle C" on a piano keyboard.

High E on the Piano Keyboard

The First String on a Chord Diagram

We call open strings when we do not press it against the fretboard while picking it. An open string is represented by a Circle on top of the nut inline with the string. Just like the chord diagram below illustrates. 

E4 on the Chord Diagaram

The open "e" string on the treble clef.

We can also find this note on a Treble Clef Staff. Notice how the note is on the top space of the treble clef.

E4 on The Staff

The open "e" string on TAB.

We also use tablature to show the E4 note. Notice the zero on that top line (string).

E4 On The TAB

Great work! Now let's work our way down the fretboard to locate the F and G notes.

The F note on the 1st String

Once we press the first fret on the 1st string, we produce the note F4. This note is typically on the Chord Diagram by either a Dot or an Encircled Number on the first string 1st fret.

F4 on the Chord Diagram

The first string F on the treble clef

This note is on the top line of the treble clef. We grayed out the E to delineate the diference of the notes on the staff.

F4 on the treble clef

The F on TAB

This is how we show the F4 on tablature. Notice the 1 on the first string, this means that you will need to press the 1st string on the 1st fret in order to play F4.

F4 on the tablature

The G note on the 1st String

Finally, the G4 note is created by pressing the 1st string on the 3rd fret. We display it on the Chord Diagram as follows.

G4 on the chord diagram

The G on the treble clef

The location of this note is somewhat different than the previous because it literally is located in the first space above the treble clef.  Notice how the G4 note is resting on top of the staff.

G4 on the treble clef

The G on TAB

The G4 is represented by the number 3 on the first string. This means to press the first string on the third fret in order to produce a G4 note on the guitar.

G4 on the tablature